Filter manufacturers, the transformation and upgrading of what to do?

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-09-08
Rising prices make filter manufacturers in the past 2016 years is not good, and in 2017 started a few months the rising cost of trend is still not slow, this makes a lot of filter manufacturer is the time to have to make a choice, is eliminated by the market or going directly, transformation and upgrading of positive? 1, the brand market research: the policy environment, competition environment, the analysis consumption environment, internal environment analysis. 2, brand strategic planning: clear development stage, making a whole strategy, etc. 3, brand connotation construction: differentiation positioning, refined competitive selling point, etc. 4, the brand image packaging: creative VI design, product packaging, brand promotion, search engine marketing, news, etc. 6, channel integration: open the online channels, extending offline channels, integration of resources, enhance the brand sales. Filter manufacturers to upgrade, in addition to the quality problem of the filter itself need to strict inspection, strict control filter manufacturer sales people also want to establish a good competitive consciousness, actively improve the sales skills, increase sales while reducing costs, this is the fundamental way of the development of filter manufacturer. 605. html
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