Filter manufacturers talk about fuel filter principle and maintenance

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-09-06
A middle-aged woman, because very will maintain their skin, regulate their own body, although the age is big, in appearance but look much younger than their peers. This suggests that reasonable maintenance is to be able to achieve the good effect. Can such as tools, equipment, etc to be able to achieve good results through maintenance. Filter manufacturer told us, the role of the fuel filter, is to put the containing iron oxide in the fuel oil, dust and other solid impurities removed, to prevent fuel system jam ( Especially the nozzle) , reduce mechanical wear and ensure the stable operation of engine, improve the reliability of oil burner structure is made up of an aluminum shell and inside a stainless steel stents, equipped with high efficient filter components on the holder, the filter as chrysanthemum, to increase circulation area, efi filter cannot with carburetor cleaner. Because the efi filter often fuel under 200 ~ 300 kpa pressure. As a result, the strength of the filter pressure is generally require reached more than 500 kpa, the carburetor cleaner can not meet the requirements. Once the fuel filter must be replaced every 30000 kilometers. If fuel impurities in large range should be shortened accordingly. The arrow on the fuel filter shell said the flow direction of fuel, fuel filter installation, are not allowed to flip. Even if it is in a very short time inversion state worked must be replaced. Many people may doubt, for an object maintenance method to know where to go. In fact, the so-called maintenance, is to be able to used in the maximum followed by maintenance. That is to say, want to get maintenance method, first of all, we can use to understand its principle. 581. 超文本标记语言
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