Filter manufacturers say the judgement of the use time of oil filter

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-17
The amount of progress of science and technology, the continuous development of society, private cars become a necessary demand of travel products. In life, the consumer at the time of travel is not only confined to the bus where want to go. More hope to go outside for a walk to come. Enjoy the natural environment. This some time points are need their road trip more easy and convenient. Today, the use of filter manufacturers say oil filter time determine. Oil filter use time is very difficult to accurately answer this question, because the oil filter the effective use of time is decided by two factors: one, how much impurity, when the oil filter to limit the ability of the adsorption of impurities, oil filter service life is effectively; 2, temperature and filter paper machine, carbonation resistance, high temperature machine with normal temperature, the service life of the oil filter is not the same, high temperature model will greatly accelerate the filter paper, carbide shortened filter paper effective use of time. In addition, the difference of filter paper effective use of time will be very short, normally use, with good quality oil filter filtration time is around 2000 - effectively 2500 hours. Oil filter is indispensable part of a car, car every parts is very tight, need to be associated. Once a component failure or damage. Will cause a lot of difficulties to the car itself. So a lot of the time we need to maintain and care for cars. Only better maintenance of auto parts and car itself, can to protect the car better. Use of the more long life. Filter manufacturers in the production of high quality filter, air filter, oil filter. Welcome to inquire. 620. 超文本标记语言
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