Filter manufacturers say need to pay attention to when using air filter

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-18
What is cleaner, under normal circumstances, the filter is car engine types of accessories. Is to filter function of filtering impurities or gas fittings. Under normal circumstances, the filter according to the different way of filtering filter and function can be divided into oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, air filter, etc. In general, the car's engine is three filter, respectively, fuel, air, oil. Combined with modern car basic equipped with air conditioning, add a air conditioner filter. So now the car is generally has four filter. So what will you pay attention to when using air filter? Generator air filter: filter is main piston generator set work of inhaled particles and impurities in the air of a suction device, consists of two parts, filter element and shell. A major requirement of air filter is with high efficiency, low flow resistance, can be continuous use for a long time without maintenance. Generating set is working, if inhaled air containing impurities such as dust will aggravate wear parts, so must be equipped with air filter. Air filtration has inertia type, filter type and oil bath type three kinds: inertial type: due to the density of particles and impurities from the air density is big, when particles and impurities with air rotating or sharp curves, the effect of centrifugal force can make the impurities separated from the air. Filter type: guide the air through the metal mesh or filter paper, etc. , will stop particles and impurities and adhesion on the filter element. Oil bath type: equipped with oil pan at the bottom of the air filter, oil using airflow turn impact, to separate particles and impurities and viscosity in the oil, and stirs the oil droplets with air flow through the filter, and adhesion on the filter element. When air flows through the filter can be further adsorption impurities, so as to achieve the goal of filtration. 612. 超文本标记语言
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