Filter manufacturers said aluminum alloy air tank installation method

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-09-07
Aluminum alloy gasholder just as its name implies is refers to the aluminum alloy materials used for storage of gas an object, the effect is stable system pressure, the pressure from this we can see that aluminum alloy gasholder is has certain risk, it and we use the gas cylinder has a similar meaning. To make the use of aluminum alloy gasholder the safest, from the installation start. 1, air tank test or before installation must be carried out safety technical disclosure; Rigger, welders, electricians and other special type of work must hold relevant certificates; 2, test and hoisting working area should be set up a cordon, construction, irrelevant personnel are forbidden to enter; Construction personnel to enter the site must wear safety helmet, and shall not wear slippers or high heels; It is prohibited to drunk into the construction site. 3, no stay in lifting heavy objects, or through; 4, the work high above the personnel required when working on high hang your seat belt. 5, storage tanks, such as leak in the test, should step down to 0 mpa after processing, can't make any pressure processing; Shall not be used in the process of test hammer percussion band pressure storage tanks; In addition, filter manufacturer also remind users store jar, at the time of installation must follow the guidance of professional personage, otherwise the safe hidden trouble that many will not eradicate, filter manufacturers don't think anyone is willing to work in dangerous places, cherish life, little drops from the beginning. 598. 超文本标记语言
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