Filter manufacturer to tell you how to make dust removal filter service life

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-09-08
To produce a product, the product is intact, but after put into use, in the long-term under the influence of various factors, it would be easy to appear all sorts of use problem, even scrapped directly. Dust removal filter is like that. And if the filter manufacturers and you talk about that day in order to make the dust removal filter prolong service life. Dust filter to prolong service life, first of all, it is important to note that when using the use of time, namely in the use of dust removal filter must pay attention to clean up after a period of time, if you do not pay attention to clean at ordinary times, in the event of a problem in cleaning up, so will inevitably some effects on the service life of the dust filter. Also need to be aware of is in the process of use must be timely replacement of activated carbon, don't feel also can use won't change, you never even after long time use very good effect, so we in the use of dust removal filter must be replaced periodically, also can guarantee dusting. In the process of using dust removal filter, pay attention to the points mentioned above, for dust removal filter is absolutely harmless. We really want to extend the service life of some products, so we must start from how to use, to solve the basic problem, is the key to solve the problem of the end. 573. html
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