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by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-16
Now the car is really too much, which is not a car, but also can be a very good to see is the vehicle, the more the various auto parts will need more, can filter factory is very good to cleaner production, this is a very tight. Air filter is located in the engine air intake system, it is composed of one or a few clean air filter of parts assembly. Its main role is filter will enter in the air cylinder harmful impurities, to reduce the cylinder, piston, piston ring, valve and valve seat early wear. Filter is a supply industry, its production capacity is far couldn't keep up with demand growth. In terms of foreign brands, the prosperity of the global market makes the terex - Demag, liebherr, Manitowoc production enterprise sales growth of about 40%, but due to the filter body are manufactured according to the order, and host form a complete set of spare parts is also in accordance with the order shipment, and affected by the maker's own production capacity, delivery cycle extension is inevitable. The shortage of production capacity and the deficiency of the key parts plagued by manufacturers and users. So under the premise that the environment a big good, filter industry in China? Since wto accession, China's automobile industry rapid development, drive the rapid development of the filter industry. To our country automobile filter, 2020 total market demand will increase to 11. 600 million sets. As the number and size of production enterprises gradually expand, filter technology level has been improved. To meet the latest emissions standards of filter has been developed, and realize the mass production. Huge filter market attracted the attention of manufacturing enterprises, the domestic and foreign enterprises in an increasingly competitive market. Especially after-sale market competition more heated. Demand growth speed very quickly, but also is very good with all sorts of performance, is the show can see obvious effect. 551. 超文本标记语言
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