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by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-16
Filter is a great demand products, auto parts used to filter the time very much, many motorists will reasonably choose to use a filter. Filter itself has advantage and value is very high. But the use of filter will also have a lot of demand note. This time, the air filter manufacturers to say simple filter can loading installation? Can filter loading process? If compared diesel oil and lubricating oil to human blood, the filter and the human kidneys. Since is equal to the kidney, that certain important, its working state is directly related to the performance and life of the engine. Starting from the three common rail system popularization, until now the kingdom of five systems, while the deeper understanding of filter is more and more people, all know inferior filter can easily destroy the expensive fuel injector, but I don't know the wrong installation process just as dangerous. There may be a friend said, 'change the filter is easy, down to screw up. 'Indeed, the change process is very simple, but a lot of people in the process of this simple committed irreparable mistake. Exactly what is wrong? That is before installing the filter to filter the internal filling oil. Installation filter before the practice of the internal filling oil is actually very common, both diesel oil filter and oil filter most people would do this. Actually oil filter before installing the practice of filling oil can also understand, because the new oil cleanliness is better, and the oil filter cannot manually exhaust, after filling oil can reduce the time of the access to their site of lubricating oil, protect the engine. But diesel filter if it is in this way to operate, will have the opposite effect. Through the filter method of loading in advance from the indigenous method of exhaust is actually a very long history, can be traced back to the diesel engine just up large-scale popularization. At the time of almost all the mechanical pump fuel injection system of diesel engine, itself is not high to the cleanliness of the fuel requirement, coupled with hand pump displacement is small, bad reliability and lead to replace the filter after the exhaust is very difficult, so they invented the loading in advance from the exhaust of workaround. Have to admit that this method is really effective. After the above expression, believe are consumers have basic understand the use of filter some of the basic. Reasonable understanding and choice filter is a very good choice. Life style is the same to the demand of filter. Filter manufacturers will sell high quality air compressor air filter, oil filter, filter. An interested welcome to inquire. 648. 超文本标记语言
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