Do you know filter has what effect?

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-14
Filter can be used to filter impurities, filter is one of the important component of the filter. When a good filter can filter filter something more clean and smooth. Filter is, of course, have different structures and different classification. We know to filter a coalescence of filter, you know what are the effect of coalescence filter? Let's tell you oil filter manufacturer. Coalescence filter because of the difference of surface tension of the oil rapidly through the filter, and the water is much slower; And due to the coalescence filter using water-based materials, tiny drops of water is adsorbed in the surface of the filter layer caused by water droplets coalescence. By the effect of kinetic energy, the small droplets to through the opening, gradually formed a large droplets, and under the action of gravity sedimentation and separated from the oil, by coalescing filter after oil, there is still a smaller water droplets to forward under the effect of inertia separation filter. Separation filter is made from special material of water in the oil by people from the filter, the water is blocked in the outside of the main filter, while the oil through the separation filter from the outlet. Can see that when the liquid flow into the filter, need from coalescing filter through the first, according to the liquid surface tension, velocity of flow is different also, so can filter out different liquids. After a mixed liquid in, can very good filter out all kinds of properties of the liquid, a separation. If you are looking for air compressor air filter, filter, air filter, oil filter what you want to know, welcome to inquire the oil filter manufacturer. 659. 超文本标记语言
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