Do not use or the consequences of errors using the filter you can afford?

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-09-06
About car maintenance, people's first reaction is to replace car oil or filter, and the one in the oil which is more attention, but the oil, filter is also very important. It can be said to be keep safety in the operation of the car behind the hero. But a lot of people treat the attitude of the filter is worrying: irregular issues will replace the oil filter oil filter function is to filter impurities, therefore needs to be changed with the oil. If not change, the oil is not filter which can lead to engine impurities accelerated wear of internal parts because of the oil. The consequences of using unqualified inferior oil filter qualified oil filter should have strong filtration, small flow resistance, high temperature resistant, long service life, such as performance, and inferior products is not high temperature resistant, poor sealing, paper filter easily damaged, light influence oil filtration effect, or engine overhaul. Don't replace the air filter regularly there will be a problem if the filter blocking is serious, will increase the air intake resistance, engine power. Because of air resistance increases at the same time, also will let traffic computer judge increase sucked into gasoline, cause the mixture proportion too thick, so that the engine running condition, any increase in fuel consumption, also easy to produce carbon deposit. Use unqualified inferior air filter in the consequences of a qualified air filter air inflow can ensure that the engine work is needed, at the same time can filter out the foreign body in the air, and inferior filter due to the use of materials of poor quality will cause the volume is too large or too small, and even less than filtering effect, directly to the environment in the foreign body into the engine makes the engine have serious wear and tear. In addition, inferior the service life of air filter is very low, generally use will be several hundred kilometers is very dirty and inferior filter will increase the air intake resistance, engine power. Or increase fuel consumption, and it is easy to produce carbon deposit. Do not replace the air conditioning filter will be the role of the air filter is to filter the air, but after long time use air conditioning filter can filter the air volume reduction, then we use the air conditioning system might feel the wind out of the outlet isn't as big as strong or not. And then in the damp environment, air-conditioning filter is also easy to mildew bacterium, resulting in a funky or bad smell when using air conditioning. In addition, in the air conditioning filter may have activated carbon, long time use of active carbon adsorption filtration function will also reduce, so will need to be replaced periodically for air filter, general change once a year. Use unqualified bad air conditioning filter the consequences of bad air conditioning filter, due to shoddy workmanship and material quality is low, so it is difficult to filter out the impurities, and inferior air-conditioning filter is usually used in the paper so very poor quality and it is easy to produce the mold, that when you use the air conditioning is very harmful for your health. With air filter, air filter in the location of the car in the car the co-pilot glove box, disassembly is more, you can check you in common use. Don't replace the fuel filter on a regular basis will be the problem of fuel filter function is to remove impurities from the fuel, but after long time use inside the fuel filter may be affected by impurity blocked oil, which may lead to a difficult oil to reduce engine starting. In addition, the fuel filter blockage can cause the damage of the gasoline pump early for a long time. Use unqualified inferior fuel filter of the consequences of poor fuel filter manufacturing material is very poor, filtering effect is very bad, for a long time use internal filter may cause clogging oil, the fuel pressure is insufficient, the vehicle cannot be started. Also causes abnormal pressure in fuel system, a direct result of insufficient or inadequate combustion of engine power, damage the ternary catalysts, oxygen sensors and other precious parts. See so much error on filter, oil filter and other products after use can lead to problems you will carelessly when the choice? 596. 超文本标记语言
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