Different filter have different maintenance methods

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-09-05
There are many filter products in car use, in use process, we have to be different for each filter product maintenance, air filter manufacturer to introduce you to different filter should be what are the different ways of maintenance. Use of air filter paper dust cup, 50 - each work 1 to remove dust, 100 hours, can use soft brush to brush the dust off, if the working time more than 500 hours or damaged, it should be replaced in a timely manner. Using oil bath type air filter, 100 - each work 200 hours, the application of clean diesel cleaning cartridge, and replace the oil, if the filter has been broken, it should be replaced immediately, and pay attention to in use, in accordance with the provisions, add the oil. Oil filter every 180 - work 200 hours, cleaning, found damaged, should be replaced immediately, to prevent impurities from entering the smooth surface. Diesel generator set change garments according to the use, should also be clean surface of crankcase and lubrication, method is to use the engine oil, kerosene and diesel blend for washing oil, wash oil can be added after the oil discharge cleaning, then 3 - diesel generators a low speed 5 minutes, then put the washing oil, add new oil. When cleaning filter and seals should be especially careful, found damaged, need to change in time. Transitional oil change in different seasons, deal with the various parts of the whole fuel oil supply system for cleaning. Use diesel, should conform to the requirements of the season, and the precipitation purification treatment need to the 48 hours. To understand the different products of different maintenance way, after we drive you from the beginning of the maintenance, let us safer car parts, spare parts usage time longer, look forward to more of the oil filter manufacturer of choose and buy our products, to make our products better service for the masses. 571. 超文本标记语言
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