Consumers for some misunderstandings of the air cleaner

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-09
Many people feel that the air filter has no effect, so the prices on the choice will buy some low air filter. Price determines the quality of the product, the low quality of the air filter can say prices are not very good. There are many misconceptions on the choice we have, is to sum up the below. Myth: cheap and poor quality of the air filter is to choose a lot of owners for air filter function is not very correct, often choose cheap and poor quality of the air filter, the poor quality of the air filter air filter ability, especially for the tiny suspended particles and filtering ability is poor, and poor physical stability, and long-term use will inevitably lead to the car engine performance, fuel consumption have risen sharply. Erroneous zone 2: tear down car air filter many drivers think function than a car air filter, a new car in use after a period of time, air filter has been completely blocked, at this time simply to dismantle the air filter, also not be replaced. This is very dangerous. As a result, it may be in a short period of time does not affect the car engine performance, but in the long run, the car engine wear is very serious. Data show that no car air filter, the wear rate of the automobile engine cylinder will be more than 8 times, piston wear rate more than three times, the wear rate of piston ring will be more than 9 times. Myth 3: air filter shall be carried out in accordance with the periodic table insurance endowment drivers know the importance of replacement car air filter, of course, but when replacement car air filter, but due to the limitation of the vehicle maintenance operation instruction, according to the guidance provided by how many miles later, again to replace the car filter. Now the city's air pollution problems, so we should often change air filter to ensure the use effect of air filter. Air filter manufacturer to remind you when use must be on the air filter to strengthen maintenance that will be better. 587. html
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