Car oil filter to three years in a really? The old driver to tell you

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-09-03
Motorists should have heard of a word, the car of oil filter normally takes three years in time, many people will ask for so long to change for the car have any damage? In fact, we can learn from some aspects to auto oil filter is not necessarily replaced every three years, listen to the old driver make an introduction for everyone! Car of oil filter for gasoline filter, can filter some impurities, let our engine products is not easy to carbon deposition, but different models used by the type of gas is different also, if we don't according to their own models for refueling, once the gasoline quality is bad, and gasoline filter doesn't change, the engine will be damaged, reduce its life, so to replace gas filter is very important. Gas filter total is divided into two kinds, one kind is the case, this kind of filter mainly has the effect of cleaning filter, unlike other filter, change rise more convenient, usually in the mileage of 20000 km, after more than this number, we will have to be replaced. There is a one-piece gasoline filter, what is a one-piece, and gas oil pump is an organic whole repeatedly, such a filter can be said to be the structure is complicated, and a better quality, usually in the mileage of sixty thousand kilometers, a lot of 4 s shop can say 30000 km for replacement. Many car owners don't think the gas filter in also won't occupy, driving on the road will not be affected by something, although after the gas filter, plug to a certain degree, could not fail at that time, but with the longer mileage, filter inside there are a lot of impurities, while driving, we still don't feel any problem, but for this kind of consumables, we must not to change, to a certain amount of time to be replaced periodically. So, when our car to a certain mileage, must be timely to replace gasoline filter, prevent serious congestion or car stalled. If we happened to be in a few more remote sections, then repair work can be too much trouble, at the same time, gas filter plugging too seriously, will also affect the service life of our engine, indirectly increased fuel consumption. 681. 超文本标记语言
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