Car air filter how long does it take to change a?

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-14
Car is now one of the vehicles to use frequently, often drive people must know the car is also need maintenance regularly, especially some easy damaged parts need to be replaced periodically, and air filter can filter the air into the engine, if the air filter to filter the air will cause the engine carbon deposition, cylinder, such as common failure, so the car air filter how long does it take to change a better? Normally we can change the air filter 20000 km. But is not to say that this is positive, we will according to your own drive, if you often go to some dust more areas, then will not replace the air filter regularly. If you go to the place is a city less dust, so may be extended appropriately change cycle. Some owners feel air filter is dirty just blow, blow the dirt clean will do. This is only for air filter under the condition of not too dirty. If the air filter is dirty and can't, and mould, then blow it is no use, must replace the air filter. If the air filter is dirty also reluctant to change, so will the engine fuel system correction will have a big impact, trouble will ensue. So the change or need to change, don't love this penny, otherwise will repair flower is big price. About car air filter change need how long a time, small make up have to introduce the very clear, if you don't want to go to 4 s shop to replace the air filter, our own machine to open the car in front of the engine cover, and then find place the cover with a screwdriver to open the air filter device, the new filter change, finally will shield to fixed screw down the screws, actually also is not particularly difficult operation, also can give it a try. 691. html
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