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by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-13
In order to be able to make the equipment in the process of using does not have what problem, can install oil filter, filter etc. Various kinds of filter equipment, so as to make devices are in use will not have what problem, so the market is to see filter manufacturers, such as air filter manufacturer. Filtration equipment is different in different industries, the prospects are also different in the market. The following is how to look at car filter equipment market: auto filter material has a lot of equipment, aluminum, stainless steel, and iron. So, when doing the surface treatment, related to the cleaning process is different, the detergent products is not the same. Among them, the air filter equipment is indispensable, air filter is an important part of a car engine, main effect is the quality of the air into the cylinder, air quality directly affect the reliability and service life of the engine. Through the introduction of the development trends of air filter and research progress both at home and abroad, and from the aspects of filter material to choose the current status of application of the engine air filter paper. Analysis of air filter filtration efficiency at the same time, the calculation method is given. So I want to make we will pay attention to when using these products is good, what kind of filter products is suitable for their own use of equipment, whether it's actually choose what kind of product, the right side on the surface of the problem is very important. 559. html
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