Auto filter does not change in time there will be what kind of consequences

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-13
Filter manufacturers of filter in the auto industry is very important. Use the air filter can well ensure car interior. Good make sure when the car driving the car's air and comfort level. Clear filters for a long period of time and contact with the outside world. So our life should pay attention to clean up. This time, the filter manufacturers say car filter does not change in time there will be what kind of consequences. The dangers of failure to clean or replace the air filter after long-term use, left on the air conditioner filter impurities can produce bacteria and mildew odor, easy to cause the air conditioning cooling/heating effect, reduce the service life of the air conditioning. Also can endanger the health of drivers and passengers, and even induce respiratory disease. Spread through contaminated air conditioning filter high levels of pollen, also can stimulate allergic constitution of sneezing, the consequence is that, even if the speed of 50 km per hour, will close their eyes driving 14 meters per second, thus significantly increased the risk of accidents. Car air conditioner filter is one of the important barrier protection in-car air air conditioning filter like car 'mask', can filter the air outside the contaminants, including exhaust gas, waste gas and dust, dust, pollen, bacteria, etc. , make the car clean air, to protect the occupants healthy body, but also can prevent glass spray. Filter manufacturer warns customer, auto filter does not change in time will make cars on the road when there is a lot of dust and some dirt by filter filter to the car, the car's environmental unhealthy, even hurt our car parts, is not worth the cost. So the filter after long time use auto manufacturers to remind consumers remember to replace filter. 627. html
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