Any HaoAir Purification offices in other countries?
Guangzhou HaoAir Purification Technology Co.,Ltd., according to the company's development and market demand, plans to establish multiple departments/offices overseas. We are an active player in various exhibitions and seminars. This is a way to stay in touch with your personally and the world. The construction of a branch/office is a way to get closer to you.

Throughout years, HaoAir Purification has been engaged in the R&D, design, and manufacture of transport cart. We are widely accepted with abundant production experience. HaoAir Purification has created a number of successful series, and chemical filter is one of them. The product protects the objects from shock, vibration, compression, temperature, etc. It also provides a barrier from oxygen, water vapor, dust, etc. The product creates a clean environment to reduce allergy and asthma symptoms. This kind of material will create shoes that are lightweight and breathable, which is important for giving people easy-walk experience. The product comes with 1-2 years of warranty period.

Realizing panel air filter as an important pursuit for HAOAIRTECH is essential. Ask!
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