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by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-31
Air filter is that the car will use above, is generally above the engine parts, in order to filter the air, ensure the air into the engine without impurities, will not damage the engine. When using sometimes appear some problems, such as Bob, wearing masks, wear, etc. , these are the bad effects on the air filter, let us air filter manufacturer in terms of what to do. 1. Bob: this kind of phenomenon is common in the old machine, due to the fixed clamp tightly, the filter and the intake pipe or the air inlet pipe and the body joint is loose, the engine work, the vibration of the air filter dangling long, air filter is easy deformation and damage, loss of filter function. 2. Disorderly wearing masks: some machinist in order to increase the filtering performance of the air cleaner, at the entrance of air filter in gauze. Covered, increase the intake resistance, causes the engine intake while working. 3. Lack of maintenance, wear: center tube dirty; Oil storage plate connected to the filter shell of three climbing damage or damage; Not to take effective measures; Sealing ring, mat packing, wrong or damage; Crankcase ventilation tube fall off; Oil pan oil had dirty or without oil, as well as oil too much or too little, or wrong to add oil. These three conditions often occur in the use of air filter, these three aspects are the most easily overlooked by the staff, so before use should check whether the installation of the air filter is normal, gauze can not use, do not have to use, regular maintenance and maintenance also want to keep up with, so that the service life of air filter is extended, to be able to do the work better and more stable. 680. 超文本标记语言
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