Air filter manufacturers talk about what is excavator filter

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-27
Said the air filter, we can from name a basic understanding to the filter is the main function of filtering. This kind of filter element is used on the various products in all walks of life, as long as the products need to filter. Excavator is installed above the filter, air filter manufacturer is below the excavator filter and you talk about. Excavator filter, excavator is special filtration unit. Mainly have the effect of filtering excavators fuel, improve fuel purification rate, reduce the loss for excavator, prolong its service life. Excavator filter manufacturers, according to its excavator filter material be classified into several: paper filter, net type filter, line spacing filter, sintering test filter, etc. Sintering excavator filter is especially popular among them. Sintering excavator filter can be made into different shapes according to the demand, coupled with its corrosion resistance, can be used in different locations to install. And it has a very high filtration precision and shock resistance, also can work normally under high temperature environment. Net type filter is made from metal frame has a uniform holes, its filtering precision is decided by the mesh size and layer, so if it is for oil with different precision requirement, can choose excavator filter net. Excavator filter in classification and a paper filter to explain. This filter is using filter paper filter, filtering effect is good, but can't repeated use for a long time, need to be replaced regularly. Filter for many products is a very important link. Filtering is refers to the product in the process of using, exclude unwanted material, don't let its deposition in certain parts of the product. The child can very good protection products, greatly extend the service life of the product. 574. html
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