Air filter manufacturers talk about the filter function and service life

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-27
Air filter used in many areas have a more important. Like cars, excavators have really use all kinds of filter, air conditioning, etc. Filter's main function is to filter out the product does not need the material, enables the product to more long-term use. Below air filter manufacturers talk about a filter function and service life. Polypropylene melt-blown cartridge ( PP cotton) : 3 - 6 months; Precision filter to enter water pretreatment, filter out of the water and sediment, suspended solids, colloid, impurities, etc. , and carrying large amount of filter area, good filtering effect, long service life. Granular activated carbon ( UDF) : 6 months; Adsorbed water of different color, odor, halogenated hydrocarbon, and the harmful material such as organic matter, to ensure the water on the hollow fiber membrane meet the water requirements of membrane, effectively prolong the life of fiber ultrafiltration membrane filter. Activated carbon (compression 首席技术官) : 6 months; Further adsorption can remove heavy metal ions and secondary leak before all kinds of organic matter, protect the ultrafiltration membrane and extend its service life. Reverse osmosis membrane ( RO membrane) : 2 - 3 years; The filter aperture can reach 0. 0001 microns, rear can completely filter out all the water harmful material activated carbon ( T33) : 6 months; More thoroughly adsorption water purification in different color, odor, more green and antibacterial, prevent the secondary pollution of purified water, make more health and safety of drinking water, adjust the water taste, to ensure water quality fresh and tasty. Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane filter ( UF) : 1 - 2 years; Remove bacteria, organic matter, colloid, sediment, rust and other than. 0. 01 microns impurities ceramic filter: 6 - 12 months; To be used for drinking water filtering, antibacterial and activation treatment, filter out the heavy metal ions in the water, harmful residual green and suspended pollutant, organic chemicals. Different products use the filter is certainly different. Only use professing filter, can achieve the result of actual demand in practical application. The use of filter can make the product in the long-term work not easily affected by environmental particles. 572. html
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