Air filter manufacturers say air filter to how to maintain

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-28
Now cars is almost every family have one kind of product. After a lot of people in the use of private cars for a long time now and drove the car to the 4 s shop for maintenance and maintenance. But 4 s shop maintenance and maintenance of the air filter, consumer's trust is always is not high, after all, now there are too many online by 4 s shop KengPian news. So the more time we need to know about the air filter is how to maintain. Better to maintain their own interests. 1, the filter is the core component of the filter, made of special materials, belong to wearing parts, need special maintenance, maintenance; 2, when the filter after long time work, the filter has blocked certain impurities, lead to the increase of the pressure, the decrease of the flow, this will require timely cleaning; 3, at the time of cleaning, it is important to note that cannot make filter deformation or damage. According to the use of raw materials, the service life of filter element is also different, but with longer duration of use, can jam the impurities in the water filter, so in general PP filters need to replace three months; Activated carbon filter six months need to change; And because fiber filter can't clean, usually placed in the back-end of the PP cotton and activated carbon use, not easy to cause congestion; Usually can use 9 - ceramic filter 12 months. Is one of the key equipment in the filter, the high quality the filter filtration equipment usually USES the superfine fiber paper full of synthetic resin, it can effectively filter the impurities and the dirt storage ability. According to related statistics, a power output of 180 kilowatts of passenger cars in thirty thousand kilometers of the road, filtration equipment filtering out the impurities of about 1. 5 kg. In addition, the equipment to the requirement of the strength of the filter also have very big, because the air flow is big, the strength of the filter paper to fight strong turbulence, guarantee the filtration efficiency, prolong the service life of equipment, believe that after the above statement, you must maintenance for air filter and use have a deeper understanding. A lot of time we just know a little bit more, can not easily be KengPian. In fact, if must change the air filter. Air filter manufacturer to remind consumers can choose to buy their own air filter. And then to the 4 s shop for replacement. Air filter manufacturers to provide quality filter, air filter, oil filter. Welcome to inquire. 617. html
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