Air filter manufacturer to tell you how to choose air compressor air filter

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-29
Air compressor air filter is our very plug-in a filter products in the market, especially how the auto industry to use more. Air compressor air filter, just as its name implies is like its name as high efficiency air filtration work. Don't know whether everyone in private purchase filter when the seller will give you recommend a new product, kind of our air filter manufacturers today to tell you how to choose the air compressor air filter, so as not to be deceived by the seller. Choose one of the air compressor air filter methods. According to the requirements of the indoor clean purification standards, to determine the level at the end of the air compressor air filter efficiency, reasonably choose the combination of the air compressor air filter series and all levels of efficiency. If indoor purification commonly, can use at the beginning of efficient filter; If indoor secondary purification, early effect and the two-stage filter should be adopted; If indoor super clean purification, should use effect, effect and efficient in the early tertiary purification filter, reasonable and should be properly matched filter efficiency, at all levels if the efficiency difference between two stage filter is too big, the former primary filter no filter to the level of protection. 2. Should as far as possible choose high efficiency, low resistance and capacitance filtering large amount of dust and wind speed is moderate, manufacturing processing large air volume, easy installation, low price of the filter. 3. According to the air compressor air filter will use environment, spare parts cost, operation, maintenance, energy consumption and supply factors such as comprehensive consideration after the decision to choose. 4. Because some filters allow use at high temperatures, and a filter can only work under normal temperature, constant humidity, so consider good temperature, humidity, containing the number of acid and alkali and organic solvent. Air compressor is whether it is need to replace air filter according to the actual service life of the air compressor air filters and air compressor air environmental quality status. Hope the above analysis can help to you to choose a suitable air compressor air filter. We are air filter factory, specializing in the production of sell the air compressor air filter, oil filter, if you need, please contact us filter manufacturer, welcome to inquire. 651. html
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