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by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-29
Mechanical equipment use all hope can reach an efficient state, but because the air there will be some other material will affect the use of machinery, as a result, consumers will buy air filter, air filter. Air filter manufacturer about air filter of the main production process. Said 1: air filter, you first think of is the network, the network in the process of cutting must be good size, so convenient at the time of welding can be fast to complete the process. So how to calculate the size of the outside network? Actually, as you know, the general air filter is round, so when we go to school to learn PI can come in handy, the formula of calculating the network is: the diameter by PI { 3. 14} By this formula, we can get the accurate circumference of outer net, combined with the corresponding edge, you can! 2: in the process of production, but also need to be aware of is the filter paper, filter paper is generally divided into domestic and imported paper, paper grade is divided into three levels including! You can according to customer requirements for the selection of the filter paper used here! Paper should be calculated according to the specifications of the filter element, each product sizes, so here is not described in detail. 3: generally divided into PU on both ends of the air filter and iron, iron cover need to glue paste, process compared with simple! PU process is relatively complicated, can be divided into artificial PU, mechanical PU! To ensure that the product at both ends of the clean degree, hardness, in the process of production will be in the dustless workshop, wear rubber gloves. Air filter and oil filter and other basic is used in automotive, machinery, and industrial, have a great effect to improve the efficiency of the machine, making the correct or not has great effect on the use of air filter. 607. html
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