Air filter manufacturer analysis diesel filter change matters needing attention

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-30
Air filter is a kind of clean air filter dust a device that will be used in many places to filter element is also an important part of the filter. Of course we are in the process of using air filters use diesel, so we are in the process of diesel oil change what need to be aware of? The air filter manufacturer analysis diesel filter change matters needing attention. Air filter manufacturer to introduce change diesel oil filter and oil filter change principle is the same: 1, if the diesel engine running state, please stop diesel engine. 2, if the diesel engine is not running, please open the engine run for about 5 minutes, then stop the diesel engine, for diesel replacement. Net 3, switch on emissions from diesel oil, diesel. Attention to discharge diesel diesel exports put a plate or other things, lest cause pollution diesel direct emissions. 4, with filter filter wrench counterclockwise unscrew the filter cartridge. 5, install new diesel filter, pay attention to the need to fill in the new diesel filter diesel, and coated with a layer of diesel oil on sealing ring, and then loaded on diesel filter. 6, open the diesel engine running, check to see if the filter oil, once found, should be timely replacement of filter. Hao love auto parts co. , LTD. Is engaged in air filter, air compressor, production and sales of the air filter filter manufacturers, filter, air compressor, air filter, air compressor filter wholesale. 673. html
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