Air filter do to extend your life!

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-26
Air filter is a kind of good machinery and equipment, this type of equipment used in our life is much, that we should all know! In our life on the application of air filter is relatively broad, that we should all know! This product is a very good use of the impurities in the air filter, but what should we do to make the air filter prolong life? Follow us air filter manufacturer to find out! Air filter unit life extension method 1, when we were in the use of air filter for 48 hours, blowing from inside to outside to purge and nor is the product when using collision to have certain influence to us, so when the filter surface powder has a knot board, air source water content is too high, to check the moisture of the air source in time and take effective measures. 2, when the filter surface harden or to change color powder, powder (to filter into the clean water Or neutral detergent) Soak washed again after 15 minutes, until clean (continuous washing several times Filter surface no powder) ; 3, after the cleaning can be natural airing or in a drying oven drying ( In the furnace temperature keep at 80 degrees c) The filter deformation can be damaged if they are too high. About air filter device to extend the life of the method is simple and introduce you to here, if you are interested in our product want to understand, also can call us air filter manufacturers, our products has a good effect to the protection of the environment or, we mainly produce air compressor air filter, oil filter and other filter products, are interested can phone contact us. 654. html
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