Air compressor of the front is the difference between the filter and the rear filter

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-26
As the name suggests, the air compressor is a device of compressed gas. Now in most large companies use air compressor air filter, air compressor air filter is to clean the gas into the air compressor, so the air compressor air filter is very important, and air compressor filter, composed of front rear filters and filter effect certainly is not the same. The following filtration manufacturers give you detailed introduction of air compressor front rear filters and filter difference in where? The same filter, then what is the difference between front rear filters and filter? Pre filter: remove part of the liquid water, lubricating oil and particles diameter greater than 1 microns. Whether adsorption dryer or frozen type dryer, configuration profiteer is a must. Otherwise, a tube of the rust on the road, and other particles in evaporator, will greatly reduce the efficiency of person, even damage the evaporator. The rear filter: remove the oil mist concentration in the compressed air to a higher standard, at the same time remove greater than zero. 01 microns particles and greater than zero. The oil content of 001 PPM. Under normal circumstances, the rear is almost no liquid water filters, if have, explain the inside of the person or gas water separator drain valve failure problem. Pre filter for compressed air carries on the preliminary filtering and purification treatment, can put a lot of water, oil and large particle filter, at the same time protect the role. Rear filter is relatively sophisticated, if compressed air contains a lot of impurities without the protection of the profiteer, directly by the rear filter to deal with, is likely to cause congestion and even damage phenomenon. Although, in general, the difference between the front rear filters and filter is very big, but complement each other, in the air compressor filters filter the front and rear filter be short of one cannot. 684. html
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