Air compressor air filter specific function and standard to judge the choose and buy

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-24
Air compressor air filter is a kind of important parts in the machine, a lot of role, it can let the machine run normally. Sometimes we will also need to buy air compressor air filter, a lot of people don't know how to choose, here is a look at the air compressor air filter effect, and the standard to judge the choose and buy. Empty filter quality is good, is not merely to see the price, not the more expensive the better, but usually relatively good quality air filters the price will be a little bit a little bit high, but won't vary too far, the most main is to learn how to identify empty filter quality, to get good quality and price also is not particularly high air filter, screw air compressor air filter quality is good, basically see three aspects: 1. Waterproof performance, and the air contains a lot of water is known, especially in rainy day moisture content will be higher in the air, once the empty filter poor waterproof performance, air filter, it is easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp air filter a Fl. Be affected with damp be affected with damp tide will affect air compressor suction, even congestion, the client will therefore waste a lot of electricity. 2. Filtration precision, if the filtration precision is not high, will be a little bit small amounts of dust impurities inhalation screw inside empty twisting machine, will affect the oil, engine oil, oil filter, bearing service life. 3. Air permeability, porosity, if not will affect the screw air compressor suction, also easy to jam, customers will therefore waste a lot of electricity quality testing air filters. 677. html
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