Air compressor air filter operation automatic stop or head temperature too high

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-21
In the operation of the air compressor air filter hard to avoid can appear a few small problems, such as air compressor air filters automatically shut down or the nose temperature too high these failures, so in the face of these fault you actually don't need to panic, we first need to know the reason to have a solution, the auto parts co. , LTD. To solve above two problems to combat analysis to solve it. A, radiator blockage effect: probably around the air compressor, clutter environment more dust, for example, in the long run, the air compressor radiator appearance will will stick a layer of dust and sludge, lead to internal copper pipe blockage due to oil dirties long-term accumulation, greatly affect the cooling effect. Second, the environmental ventilation problems, lead to heat dissipation effects: 1, air compressor, get too close to the wall is no gap between the wall and the cooling machine; Around 2, air compressor, high temperature heat source, lead to environment temperature rise; 3 during, air compressor, open the outer wall, fan can't help in sharp contrast to the internal air cooling. Three, oil filter is too dirty effect: oil filter inside too much sundry, force according to the normal flow of oil into the air compressor, so, air compressor chance is on the rise due to lack of cooling and lubrication. So, need to replace oil filter maintenance. Four, oil and gas separator filter too dirty effect: when the oil and gas separator is too dirty, oil will further affect the loop resistance is too high, it will cause overheating downtime. We can from the load pressure difference between the before and after loading to judge, if the pressure difference on both ends is three times that of air compressor before loading or maximum differential pressure reaches 0. 1 mpa, the need for cleaning or replacement, avoid unnecessary accidents. Five, the head pressure too high impact: when the head pressure rated more than 12 mpa, long running will be because of the heavy load and temperature automatic stop. So, we will check and adjust good pressure valve. Six, screw compressor lubricant oil level is too low impact: when the oil level is lower than examine tube bottom, you need to supplement qi, low oil label or oily poor: screw air compressor machine adopts special compressor oil, if use other low grade or inferior oil, viscosity and specific heat can cause temperature rise was not up to standard. About the air compressor air filters automatically stop or the problem of high temperature of the nose, auto parts factory and analyzed the reason and solution for everyone, of course, is more than the several reasons can cause air compressor air filters automatically stop or head temperature is too high, not introduce one by one here, if you have any questions, welcome consulting hao love auto parts co. , LTD. 685. html
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