Air compressor air filter in the following situations is what reason

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-25
Air compressor air filter used very frequently in our daily life, but if you can't very good maintenance, in the use of free time will also press air filter is out of order, such as air compressor air filter is not cheer, pressure is insufficient. This time, how to better the maintenance of the air compressor air filter? This time, the air filter manufacturer just to say simple is air compressor air filter in the following situations is what reason. Air compressor air filters to how to solve the problems of 1, the inlet valve not opened: sky press boot after the first will be slow to establish internal pressure, when pressure reaches 5 bar ( Most of the air compressor is the case, except special) , through the open intake valve, solenoid valve control cylinder compressor suction air into the loading condition, air compressor not intake there are three possible reasons, solenoid valve, Circuit, the valve body, pipeline) Cylinder (, Valve plates or diaphragm, seal, line) , inlet valve, Valve plates or diaphragm, seal, line) Fault occurs. 2, air compressor, false load: artificial load out air compressor is mainly due to the PLC output point of failure, the PLC is running load state, due to the output point of failure, not to the solenoid signal, causing inlet does not work. PLC to professional air compressor maintenance engineers, amateurs free disassembly is not recommended. 3, the minimum pressure check valve failure: minimum pressure check valve is the easiest way to determine whether a failure, when the pressure in the machine is very high, but there is no pressure output, can determine the minimum pressure check valve failure. Minimum pressure valve fails the best thing to do is change. Air pressure less than the cause of the problem: the barometer failure. The engine from the air compressor drive belt too loose skid or air compressor to management of propane tanks between rupture or joint leakage. Oil-water separator, line or excessive air filter sediment jam, need maintenance in time. Air compressor exhaust valve seal is lax, a soft spring or break, air compressor cylinder head bolt looseness, sand holes is broken and air leakage and cylinder head gasket. Air compressor air filter effect is very good, reasonable selection of life demand for air compressor air filter is also very good, we at the time of processing production will also have a lot of requirements. The simple expression of the basic selection of air compressor air filter, and the basic problem. To use the effect will be more good. Air filter manufacturers selling high quality air compressor air filter, filter. Welcome to inquire. 649. html
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