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by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-19
Filter structure say simple is also very simple, is mainly formed by steel plate stamping after the filter of the shell, aluminum and paper of oil filter, such filter quality and volume is not large, and the filtration effect is also the leverage. On maintenance, caused by a lack of knowledge, some consumers would buy online errors and maintenance information, lead to enter the misconceptions in some maintenance. 1. Lost when some users in the maintenance of the diesel filter, filter oil seal rubber washer and cover up and down, make the diesel without filter filtration, and from the oil filter element and filter the influx of the gaps between the cover without resistance to oil filter cartridge lumen, cost diesel filter filtration purification effect. 2. Some users will diesel filter tray and the location of the spring, put them away, even make the diesel filter in and out of the oil hole on the cover is in open state, cannot get diesel filter and directly into the fuel injection pump. 3. When someone is in the maintenance of the diesel filter, open after the filter, find its internal and filter special clean without any impurities and moisture, which holds that the use of diesel is very clean. Actually, this is an illusion, it is because of the cartridge filter material caused by osteoporosis, micro hole is too large, then don't filter paper filter function. If in use process, find three big precision coupling of diesel engine fuel system badly worn, it is likely to be caused by inferior filter. Use filter can help you to keep cars use of fuel is clean and pure, improve the use of fuel utilization rate, avoid waste, more important is to guarantee the safety of train operation personnel and small a filter, can help you to solve so many problems, is fully staffed? 601. 超文本标记语言
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