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by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-19
Car use the oil filter can help reduce dust impurities into gasoline, maintain the purity of gas, which can reduce automobile fuel consumption, improve efficiency, prolong service life, etc. , will use the oil filter is not only a car. There is more to the oil filter is used in industrial machinery, and use a room according to different kinds of oil filter is also a lot. Net type oil filter type oil filter, the filter with brass or stainless steel network filtering material, around the very porous plastic or metal cylindrical skeleton, wrapped in a layer or two layers of copper wire mesh, the filter accuracy depends on the copper layer number and the size of the mesh net. This kind of oil filter has simple structure, large flow capacity, easy to clean, but low filtering precision, commonly used in hydraulic pump oil suction mouth. Line gap type oil filter line gap type oil filter, with steel wire or aluminum wire tightly wound in the external cylindrical skeleton to form a filter, rely on the tiny gaps between the copper wire filter out the impurities mixed with liquid. Its simple structure, large flow capacity, filtration precision is higher than net type oil filter, but not easy to clean, oil return oil filter. Paper filter oil filter, oil filter for plain or corrugated phenolic resin or wood pulp paper core is made of microporous filter paper, take paper core around the hole of the tin-coated made of skeleton, to increase the intensity. To increase the filter area, the paper core is made of folded shape. Its filtering precision is higher, generally used in the oil filter, but blocked after cleaning, often must change the filter element. Sintering type oil filter sintering type oil filter, the filter with metal powder sintering, using the intergranular pores to block the impurity in the oil through. The filter can bear high pressure, good corrosion resistance, high filtration precision, suitable for fine filtration of high pressure, high temperature of the hydraulic system. Generally new buy the car is equipped with oil filter, but use after a period of time be about to go to 4 s shops check in time is changed, or it will affect the oil filter filter function, make the use value of decline. 608. html
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