Use inferior oil filter harmful effects is very big

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-11
Whatever the product in the process of using whatever the fittings are not, so as to make the function of equipment is very strong, so the market will have a filter, air filter manufacturers, whatever the industry is not without air filter, filter and other equipment, but if used to bad products will have what kind of harm, the following talk about the dangers of inferior oil filter 1, inferior oil filter filter material is poorer, difficult to meet the requirements of automotive engine filtering effect, and the filter area is less than the original spare parts of oil filter, filter performance is poor, short service life. 2, poor oil filter often do not have a by-pass valve, filter in case of congestion, the engine will not be able to get enough oil lubrication, serious when the engine timing skip, tile burning, or even scrapped. 3, poor oil filter did not inhibit the function of the oil return after flameout, engine cold start when the mechanical wear and tear, cuts the engine life. 4, inferior oil filter rubber seal material is poor, under high temperature and high pressure seal deformation, cause cannot effectively seal, oil leakage. Is such harm to your work have been affected, let the equipment from the damage in the process of use, so you must be aware of when trying to choose. 563. html
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