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by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-15
When bought his own car, in addition to oneself want to get up to speed with him, and is at ordinary times should pay attention to maintenance, filter manufacturers can good manufacture according to customer's request, the following will teach you how to clean the filter. 1. Diy cleaning filter to open the hood, there will be a black square or rectangle box. Then there is a large ventilation pipe is connected to the throttle. The above some screws and some pressure. Can open out easily. Are generally clean, blew the dust off. If it is too dark or used long suggested that changed at the time of installation, must also take installed between the air clean, is blowing in the first. 2. Regularly clean air filter or replace filter part of the automobile engine is very precise, tiny impurities will damage the engine. Before as a result, the air into the cylinder, must through the fine filter of the air cleaner, can enter into the cylinder. Air filter is the patron saint of the engine, the state of the air filter is good or bad relationship with the life of the engine. If the car used in dirty air filter, can make the engine air intake is insufficient, make the fuel combustion is incomplete, cause the engine working instability, the phenomenon of power, fuel consumption increase. Therefore, must keep the air cleaner clean cars. Under the condition of general road, the car - 7500 8000 km to air cleaner for cleaning maintenance. In the degree of sand dust larger area maintenance intervals should be shortened accordingly. Widely used on new cars dry type air cleaner, dry type air cleaner filter element is made of treated with resin microporous filter paper, has the filtration effect is good, easy maintenance, etc. Because of the different models, the structure shape, but its maintenance method is essentially the same. In the maintenance, should comply with automotive use range specified by the manufacturer. Just bought a new car effect is better, and the maintenance is very convenient, is also need according to the above method is clean, we only do this, just can have longer service life. 576. 超文本标记语言
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