How to clean up the car filter

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-12
Now every family have air conditioning. Believe that many people have such experience, after had a winter, the weather gradually warming, prepared to use air conditioning, air conditioning, vents vomit not comfortable air, but there is a strange smell, and the dust in the eyes visible. Remind air-conditioning filter manufacturer at the time of start to use, must remember to clean. There's a strainer mesh in the air conditioner. When we open the air conditioner shell, can see thick dust adhesion in the above, cannot look. Long time accumulation of dust and dust mites, in the open air conditioning, with air conditioning wind into the air, we breathe the air, will cause the discomfort of the nose, people with asthma symptoms, is also a cause of asthma. Our car has filter, use after a period of time will be very dirty, also exactly how to clean up the car of the filter? Open the nacelle, saw the empty filter. Red circle is connecting pipe, it is soft connection, with one side cross screwdriver to loosen the fastening screw, the other side is card buckle, note the red circle is four card clasp, can be dismantled with the help of tools. Pulling up along the direction of the arrow on the cover, showing the inside of the filter. To filter out of the air filter, water or brush cleaning, clean back again. After cleaning the filter, we drive back in the air conditioning then there would be no air conditioning and home as dirty and smelly. We also own a clean air inside the car. 567. html
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