At the same time I also need to pay attention to the air filter maintenance

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-31
At the same time I also need to pay attention to the air filter maintenance. Cars are there will be used to filter, so maintenance is also need to pay attention to the! Maintain good the life of the filter also will increase, also have a plenty of in the process of maintenance or is there are a few points need to pay attention to! ! ! ! Specific which points need to be aware of, can look at the following introduction with you. 1. Air filter diversion grid to insist on not deformation, no corrosion, the skewed perspective should be 30 ~ 45 °. Too small resistance increases, affect the air intake, excessive airflow rotating weaken, can reduce dust separation. Leaf appearance can not paint, in case the oxide particles into the cylinder. Dirt in the direction of the mouth the motes can discharge shall prevail. 2. Sorting through breathable mesh maintenance; Filter dust cup, dust shall exceed one-third of the height, otherwise should be timely to root out; Dust seal should be close at the top, rubber seals shall not be damaged or lost. 3. Fine filter oil level height should be attached to the standard rules, too high lead to the oil into a cylinder and carbon deposition, dropped too low filter function, make it wear faster. 4. In the fine filter metal mesh ( Silk) Substitute, the perforation or wire can only be slightly smaller in diameter, can't increase, loading quantity also shall not be cut, otherwise it will drop filter function. 5. Admission line can not have leakage phenomenon, an oil change and cleaning should be in local without wind dust; Mesh with a high pressure air, in the environment of low humidity, blowing direction opposite to the direction of the air into the filter screen; Device, adjacent mesh fold line direction should be interspersed with each other. This is about our maintenance aspects need to pay attention to the aspects of air filter, if you need to buy air compressor air filter, filter, air filter, oil filter and other products can look at! 671. 超文本标记语言
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